Going Green

‘We may be small, but we can help to make a big difference!’

Here at Allfresh we are 100% committed to becoming a more sustainable company. We know the operations taking place here at Allfresh have an impact on the environment, and we are constantly seeking to introduce new ways to reduce this impact. The adoption of sustainable practices is a priority here at Allfresh. With the help of our dedicated staff and our fantastic customers, we believe we can make a big change.
We want to make a difference before it is too late!

We offer an Environment Consultancy to all our customers.
We can help you reduce your carbon footprint by 50%! 

We can provide you with a list of products, highlighting those with the least airmiles. We
strive to support our local producers and recommend locally grown produce where possible, however, this list is seasonal and sometimes we have to travel a little further for fresh produce. Being aware of the airmiles on a product allows you the customer to make an informed decision when planning your menus throughout the year.