About Us

If you are looking for the highest quality, fresh produce on the market, locally sourced wherever possible, delivered with top class service at an honest price, then you have come to the right place!

Allfresh are a family-owned and run food wholesaler operating in Cork and Kerry. Comprised of a small team with years of experience, our services are personal, knowledgeable, and flexible. We supply to the catering industry, restaurants, hotels, bars, and cafes. We also supply to retailers, smaller wholesale companies, and more recently, home deliveries for all your household daily needs.

We are renowned for our long-lasting friendships that we have built with our customers over the years. Our core goal is to put our customers first and provide them with the freshest produce at the most affordable prices. With our genuine and thorough understanding of our customers’ needs, we ensure constant professionalism and continuous innovation and improvement.

Our stock range is wide and varied from fresh fruit and veg, pre-prepared fruit and veg, salads and herbs, to oils and sauces, egg and dairy products, juices, nuts and more.

Since our early beginnings in 1995, Allfresh has continued to grow and expand thanks to our long-standing and loyal relationships with our fantastic customers. Now a widely recognized and trusted wholesale business serving the Munster area, you cannot miss our big yellow trucks on the roads six days per week.

At the core of our business is our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Quality, value, and service are key to who we are.
Allfresh are committed to sourcing locally wherever possible, this supports the Irish economy and reduces the heavy air mileage associated with fresh fruit and veg produce. If we cannot source a product from Ireland, we will find a European supplier as the next best option. As a last resort, Allfresh have a host of producers and suppliers available to us across the globe, so one way or another, if you want it, we will find it!