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Working day and night to serve you freshness!

Why Choose Allfresh

We offer a wide and varied range of produce here at Allfresh. Our range extends from the more familiar fruit and veg to the more exotic. We supply to the catering industry, restaurants, hotels, bars, and cafes. We also supply to retailers, smaller wholesale companies, and more recently, home deliveries for all your household needs!

The service at Allfresh is 24/7! We are available day and night and never say no… we care!!

We support local. Our local suppliers always come first for us here at Allfresh. If we cannot get it locally in Ireland our next step is to try our European suppliers.

Call us at any time throughout the day. Our office is open from 8am-6pm and you can leave your order on our answering machine after 6pm.

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Delivery Fleet

Here at Allfresh we have 6 lorries and 5 delivery vans that are on the roads daily. We offer delivery 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. Delivering to all areas of Co. Cork and Co. Kerry. Our delivery fleet is equipped with AdBlue which has helped Allfresh to reduce its overall carbon footprint. AdBlue cleans the emissions that are released from diesel-run vehicles.


At Allfresh we firmly believe in forming a close partnership with our suppliers, endeavouring to improve the service we provide to our customers. Our loyalty to local suppliers has never changed. With a variety of produce available to us in Ireland we buy local wherever possible. 

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Become an Allfresh Customer

To become an Allfresh customer please fill out the following forms and email them to debtors.allfresh@gmail.com or mail them to Allfresh Wholesale Ltd, Unit 11 Sitecast Industrial Estate, Little Island, Co. Cork, Ireland T45 P466