How long have you worked for Allfresh?

I have been working with Allfresh for 8 years now.

Explain your role here at Allfresh?

I am a Sales Representative for East and North Cork and I also share the city with Noel. As a Sales Rep, I look after our customers. Some of my responsibilities include making sure customers get the correct order and that the products they receive are of the best possible quality.

What is your favourite aspect about working for Allfresh?

I love working alongside amazing people. I get to meet new people every day, which helps me grow my knowledge of the fruit and veg industry and it also improves my confidence as a Sales Rep. I also enjoy how much freedom I have in my role. I am lucky enough to be allowed to plan my days the way that suits me best. Some days I can be in the office and others I can be driving all-around Cork calling into customers.