-Supporting local is at the heart of our business here at Allfresh. Local growers are a priority to us, and we buy local whenever possible.

-We believe that by supporting our local growers not only are we reducing our air miles at Allfresh but we are also giving back to the local economy. Supporting Irish is key.

-Sourcing produce from our local growers, reduces travel time for our fresh produce. The majority of Irish produce is delivered to our customers with 48hrs of harvesting. We pride ourselves on customer care and service and this is reflected in the supply of the freshest
produce possible delivered to your door every day!!

-Due to the seasonal nature of fresh produce sometimes we have to travel a little further.

-If we cannot source a product in Ireland we then look to Europe. At various times throughout the year certain products are not available in Europe, it is only then that we look to our international suppliers.