Eoin O'Neill

What is your role here at Allfresh?

I am the Operations Manager here at Allfresh. I oversee the daily running of the company. I start my day at 1am by supervising the drivers, ensuring the drivers leave on time and after the drivers leave, I ensure that all the orders are on the way to every customer. I also look at purchases and sales here at Allfresh. I look at what we currently have in stock and what we will need for customers in the future. I must get to know customers’ orders very well and forecast what I think they could order.

How long have you worked for Allfresh?

I have worked for Allfresh for over 20 years now.

What is your favourite aspect about working for Allfresh?

The staff- over the years we have created a very good team. People I can rely on, and I know work to the best of their ability. Everyone here wants the best for Allfresh.